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We choose to focus our attention on doing only a few things, rather than many, and to take the time necessary to do those things well.  We bake naturally leavened breads and pastries, we brew what we think of as the best coffee we can get our hands on, roasted with that same ethos, and we take care of everyone who comes through our door as if they were guests in our home.

We take a great deal of pride in what we do and how we share our offerings with our community.   In a world where it's becoming increasingly easy to find products made with little care and attention, with the cheapest ingredients, and no thought to how it affects those who purchase and consume it, we've decided to make a concerted effort to distance ourselves from the pack.  Although there are faster and cheaper methods to producing breads, pastries and coffee, those methods also rob us of the quality and nutritional values that can be gained from slowing down and acting with purpose. We believe that a life spent striving to create a meaningful impact in our community is the only way in which we can live.  We will always be pushing ourselves to grow and evolve, to be contributors in this great space.

Whether you are joining us for a croissant and cappuccino in the early morning, or stopping by to pick up a loaf of bread to take home and share with your family, we'd love for you to come by, say hello, speak with us about what we're doing and why we think it's important.

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